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Pre-Kindergarten is the foundation for a lifetime of learning success. In this enrichment program, children engage in age-appropriate educational and play activities that encourage social, cognitive, and physical development.

Local and State regulations are followed. The engaging, nationally recognized Frog Street Press curriculum is utilized.

"Decades of research have demonstrated the benefits of preschool...including a long-term study of an early model Pre-K program that began in the 1960s. Participants in that study, who are now middle aged, have been followed throughout their lives by researchers who have found that those who attended the preschool program demonstrated beneficial outcomes throughout their lives, including having superior health outcomes and being less likely to be incarcerated than those who did not attend preschool." 

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In these grade levels, students are taught in a way to help them excel. Our teachers plan lessons according to many learning styles including hands-on, teacher-led, peer to peer, and auditory. Students are introduced to technology while maintaining traditional classroom instruction.


Florida State Standards are followed. The rigorous, nationally recognized Houghton Mifflin program is utilized.

"Research shows that average annual learning gains for children in grades K-2 are dramatically greater than those for subsequent years of school. Moreover, the outcomes of early elementary education, particularly whether or not a child can read proficiently by third grade, are a powerful predictor of later school and life outcomes."




In this exciting time of transition; the bridge between elementary school and high school, our students still have a primary teacher but begin to have additional responsibilities. Students are taught notetaking, organization, keyboarding, and are introduced to publishing work through technology. Similarly to our elementary programs, students are taught through a variety of methods. 

Florida state standards are followed. The rigorous, nationally recognized Houghton Mifflin program is utilized.

"Today, the significance of this period for learning – and learning good habits – is perhaps only surpassed by that of early childhood development, and its seen as critical for everything from developing personality traits, grit, curiosity and study habits to making decisions about a future after high school."

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​At Cambridge, our students begin earning high school credit in the eighth grade. We have had great success in preparing students for college and vocational programs by following this accelerated track!

Students have the opportunity to change classes each period and learn from a teacher who is knowledgeable and passionate about their specified subjects. In this program, students are encouraged to continue developing the independence, work habits, and skills they learned in middle school.

Cambridge Prep Academy has a 100% graduation rate! This is something we are very proud of. It is in direct relation to the passion, care, and values our staff and students have.

State standards are followed. Rigorous, nationally recognized curriculum is followed.

Some reasons why completing High School is important:

  • Lower unemployment rates

  • Average of 20% higher income

  • More likely to obtain a college degree

  • Life Skills program translates to everyday life

  • Lower rate of premature death

  • Less likely to serve a jail sentence

  • More likely to marry and stay married

  • Average 15% more likely to own your own home

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Students who pass the PERT test with the minimum score required and meet the criteria set forth by Cambridge Prep Academy have the opportunity to earn College credits while completing High School. 

Many of our students are eligible to Dual Enroll. Many of those students graduate with both their High School Diploma and Assocaite Degree at the same time!

In addition to our Dual Enrollment program, students also have the ability to complete technical programs through our local colleges. 

These students are overseen by our Guidance Counselor, Dual Enrollment Mentor, and the college professors. They have a team behind them to help them succeed!

This program is a reflection of our motto: Planting the seeds for tomorrow's leaders. We believe that every student sent out into the world from our doors should have the necessary skills to succeed.

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