Our elementary program consists of three clusters. K-1, 2-5 and 4-5. In these clusters, students are taught in a way to help them excel, by involving hands on curriculum as well as virtual.


K-5 grades


Students will be exploring and introduced to virtual learning while maintaining traditional classroom instruction. This allows for and integration of both for educational growth and learning.


Florida State Standards are followed.





Students work in a blended learning classroom. A virtual curriculum is utilized in place of traditional textbooks; all while being taught by a teacher in the classroom. Using this blended learning has proven successful for our students. Hands on learning continues with peer to peer learning, collaborative projects and off site field trips to implement studies.


The same form of learning from middle school continues at a Junior High level, although self guidance and responsibility becomes a more important instrument in learning at this point. Beginning in 8th grade, most of our students are beginning to earn their High School Credits and are working towards dual enrollment in 10th grade.




​The High School Years are an excititing time for students. It is a time to look ahead and start thinking of the direction you will take as a student and as an adult.


Because we are a college preparatory school, 90% of our 10-12 grade students are taking college classes through dual enrollment. We allow for the students to participate in this process through online learning. This provides the opportunity for them to remain on campus and have the guidance and assistance through their High School teacher.


Our success rate in this program has been 98%, something we are proud of. In our graduating class we have had student to graduate with both their Associates of Arts degree, High School Diploma as well as recognition for the Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa.


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