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Is Cambridge Prep Academy Accredited?

  • Yes, by the Florida Christian Coalition of Private Schools Association


Upon graduation, does my child receive a diploma?

  • Yes, upon meeting the  State required credits, Cambridge Prep Academy will award a diploma at  graduation.


Are teachers certified?

  • Yes, either by Board Certificate or Certified in their Field of Study. We also have teachers who are trained and certified based on years in the field. All teachers are required to participate in continuing education.


Does the school teach religion?

  • While we are accredited by the FCCPSA, we do not associate with a particular sect of Christianity. The morals and standards of the Christian faith are adhered to and we do expect those standards from our students, staff and families as outlined in our values, mission and values. Our curriculum is also integrated with Christian teachings.


What is the enrollment process?

  • In order to enroll with Cambridge Prep Academy, an interview should be scheduled. You can do so by calling 386-243-8285.

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