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7:30 Greetings, Morning Work, Teacher's Choice Centers

8:00 Morning Meeting, Calendar, Unit-Themed Story, Phonemic/Phonological Awareness, Sight Word Review, Songs, Music and Movement

8:30 ELA: Journeys, Vocabulary, Saxon Phonics Literacy Centers, Small Groups, Interventions

9:30 Snack, Recess, Bathroom

10:00 Writing (Guided, Modeled, and Independent), Guided Activities, Read-Aloud

10:45 Lunch

11:15 Bathroom Break/Teacher Read Aloud/ Relaxation

11:35 Relaxation

12:25 Math: Whole Group Lesson (GO Math)/ Math Centers, Daily Data

1:30 Science/Social Studies

2:00 Small Groups, Interventions, Choice Centers, Social Emotional Activities

2:30 Dismissal

Electives: Mon - Art,

Tues - Music, Wed - P.E

Thurs - STEM, Fri Spanish/Bible


Notes from the teacher:

Thank you for all of the parents who have popped in to visit! I am looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

Please check your email for a separate message from me with important information!

    & Reminders

Important Dates: 

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Mrs. Francesca


  • Revisit Sneaky E and Long Vowel Rules

  • Blend + Segment Phonemes, Consonant Blends

  • Comprehension: Details, Main Ideas, Summarize

  • Grammar: Punctuation

  • Writing: Opinion and Organization


  • 3D Shapes

  • Math Vocabulary: Slide, Stack, Roll, Sphere, Cylinder, Cube, Rectangular Prism

  • Continue Addition + Subtraction Fluency 0-5


  •  Plants + Life Cycles

  Social Studies/SEL

  • Social Studies: Cardinal Directions, Maps, Landforms

Sight Word List

Phonics Rule


Revisit sneaky e and long vowel rules

Letter of the Week

X x /ks/

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