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7:30 Arrival & Morning Routine

8:00 Table Time

8:15 Circle 1 with Calendar, Music & Movement

8:45 Snack

9:15 Recess

10:00 Centers & Small Group

Group 1 9:30-10:00

Group 2 10:00-10:30

10:45 Lunch

11:30 Rest & Relaxation

12:30 Table Time & Centers

1:20 Circle 2

1:35 Electives

Monday Art- Tuesday Music- Wednesday P.E.- Thursday STEM – Friday Spanish & Bible

2:15 Classroom Jobs & Prepare for Departure

2:30 Departure...We Wish You Well!


Notes from the teachers:

Traveling Art

We have collaborated with Mrs. Brandi (Middle & High School Science Teacher) She will be traveling to Senegal, West Africa during Spring Break. The Little Acorns are creating art to be photographed in Senegal. How exciting! We cannot wait to see all the fun adventures!


Our students enjoyed their visit from Pilot Captain Murrill. They talked all day about his plane and his pilot hat. We greatly appreciated his visit as well as the wonderful goody bags. Real world connections were made yesterday! I loved watching the students soak up the extension lessons and activities. Those are the moments I live for as an educator! 

Weekly Theme

March 27th - 31st: I Can Build!

photo coming soon.png

Ms. Hannah


Mrs. Charis

    & Reminders

I Can Build!

Bring your "thinking cap" when you return from Spring Break! We will discuss, building and creating. We will explore with lots of open-ended play! Using different tools and materials all while using our imagination!



We are in need of cotton balls, plastic solo cups, and napkins.

Save the Date

We are taking a field trip to the Santa Fe Zoo on Wednesday, April 5th. 

Families must provide transportation for their child on this day.


Arrival 9:15

Cost $5.00 per person

Bring a picnic lunch for this day.


More details to follow.


Literacy Fair

Event time and school-wide details are soon to follow.


The students love the Bear Books by children's author Karma Wilson. For the Literacy Fair we are highlighting her book:

"Animals Strike at the Zoo...It's True!"


How can you help?

  1. We are in need to borrow stuffed wild "zoo" animals (the life-like the better) and large boxes to create enclosures. 

  2. We will provide masks for the students.  Students will need to "dress" as their assigned zoo animal. 

  3. If you have a copy of any Karma Wilson books that you would like to lend for display; please let me know. 

  4. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mrs. Charis

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