Cambridge Prep Academy is a private school whose program of instruction is designed to meet the needs of the children we serve and to create an atmosphere of higher learning. While we have specific developmentally appropriate programs for grades K-12, the curriculum is Florida Virtual Standards driven. We are committed to teaching Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History, World Geography, Spanish, Physical Education, Music appreciation and the Arts. Our team teaching approach provides the opportunity for each student to be more than taught, but to ensure that the student understands all course material by utilizing extra resources to raise their educational level to a higher standard.


Our main focus is to look at each student individually and to create the opportunity for them to advance whenever possible.  It is a privilege for us to teach your child. With that opportunity we strive to help them realize the potential that is within them to excel. We look forward to sharing this responsibility of your child's education with you. It is the partnership between school and home that will allow your child to reach his/her fullest potential.


As a staff, we pledge to provide the best possible education and atmosphere to all children. Our staff will continue to strive for the quality instruction and environment that makes Cambridge Prep Academy an exceptional school.




At Cambridge Prep Academy we offer students the ability to take Dual Enrollment classes here on Campus. We have an articulation agreement with Florida Gateway College located just a few miles from our school. During a student's 10th and 11th grade year, we enroll them in online courses so that they can continue to stay on our campus. Our High School teachers work hard to assist these students with their course material if needed, and keep a close check on how they are progressing as a means to ensure their success. Upon entering their 12th grade year, we slowly introduce classes on the FGC campus allowing them to attend the college for instruction.  95% of our students grades 10-12 are in the dual enrollment program and inline to receive their Associates of Arts degree at the same time they graduate high school here at Cambridge.

Dual Enrollment - Important Dates

High School Profile



Our Physical education teacher teaches physical fitness techniques, sports playing, and guides them toward living a healthy and active lifestyle. They typically instruct and coach students to play on interactive sports teams against each other, motivate them during exercises such as running or weight lifting, and teach them fun active techniques such as rope climbing.


This course combines art history, appreciation, and analysis, while engaging students in hands-on creative projects. Lessons introduce major periods and movements in art history while focusing on masterworks and the intellectual, technical, and creative processes behind those works. Studio lessons provide opportunities for drawing, painting, sculpting, and other creative endeavors.


This course introduces students to the history, theory, and genres of music. The course explores the history of music, from the surviving examples of rudimentary musical forms through to contemporary pieces from around the world. The first semester covers early musical forms, classical music, and American jazz. The second semester presents modern traditions, including gospel, folk, soul, blues, Latin rhythms, rock and roll, and hip hop.