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International Travel Club

Dear Cambridge Prep Academy families,

Exciting news! Your student is invited to join us on a once-in-a-lifetime international travel experience with their peers to Japan in Summer 2024!


Educational travel exposes students to new people, places, and cultures which in turn expands their knowledge of the world and their knowledge of themselves. That’s why I’m thrilled to bring this opportunity to your family and our community. This trip will fill up fast, so please join my informational meeting to learn:

How this opportunity will benefit your child

What we’ll see and do on our trip Everything that’s included in this experience

How your child can earn academic credit

How we’re keeping this safe and affordable

How to enroll on this trip (before it fills up!)


Our meeting will be held at Cambridge Prep Academy during the PTO Meeting, December 13th, at 5:30 PM - there are limited spots available so don’t miss your opportunity to reserve your seat. One parent must be in attendance. So that I can alert you of any changes and follow up with additional information about the tour, you must register using this link:

Can’t make the meeting but want more information? Register and select “No but send info.”


Can't wait to see you there!

Cheers, Mr Ian

2023 Global Leadership Summit FAQs | Creating a Sustainable Future


What are the goals of Summit?

• Student empowerment – we want students to find what motivates them and leave inspired and empowered to bring this passion back home to their community.

• Cross-cultural collaboration – students are working with peers from all over the world, having discussions with people of different backgrounds and cultures, gaining new perspectives, empathy and global awareness.

• Leadership skill development – students will start to understand their personal leadership style and skills: public speaking, collaboration, creativity, how to give feedback, time management, empathy, problem solving, etc. Why this theme?

• We want students to think about sustainability beyond environmental sustainability and explore a variety of approaches to achieving a more sustainable future.

• We want students to think about their daily actions and the impact their actions will have on future generations.

• We want students to recognize that they have the ability as youth to create positive change.


What do you do at a Summit?

• All participants will hear from world-renowned speakers and attend expert-led workshops. Previous speakers and workshop partners include Dr. Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Ann Curry, TED-Ed, Google, and more.

• Students will work in small international teams using the design-thinking process to prototype innovative solutions to global challenges. They will receive a challenge prompt on the first day of Summit, and will work in a team of 8-10 students to design a prototype and a shark-tank style pitch for their idea. 1 winning team will be selected and their prototype will be on display in the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

• Adults will have the ability to attend a Professional Learning track that has been thoughtfully designed to challenge and inspire you, while connecting you with other educators from all over the world. You will have the option to choose from a selection of workshops and activities based on what interests you most.


When will we find out the speakers?

• The 2023 Summit speakers will be announced in the winter of 2022. • Fun fact: all previous Summits have sold out prior to the speakers being announced!


Why is Berlin the host city?

• Germany is leading the global movement toward sustainable practices—from clean energy, to sustainable development, to farms of the future—and is responsible for some of the world’s most forward-thinking approaches to sustainable living.

• Berlin was home to our 2018 and 2022 Global Leadership Summits. We are excited to return to a city we are familiar with and that we know can successfully host our event.


Why are some activities not yet determined?

• In order to provide students with meaningful and relevant experiences, we are still developing a couple of the activities and workshops they will participate in on tour. A workshop developed today may no longer be appropriate or significant in 2023. (This is similar to our Service Learning Tours; groups will find out their summit related activities closer to tour.)


Why are Summit tours more expensive?

• In addition to going on an immersive tour, students have the unique opportunity to attend a three-day conference that closely mirrors a professional development experience. This experience is an investment; it will help them stand out on college applications, but there are extra costs associated with attending.

• “Have you ever attended a conference? Think about the costs involved - travel, hotels, and conference fees (for us, this includes the conference space, world-renowned keynote speakers, workshop presentations from industry leaders, included meals, etc.), you probably spent anywhere from 1k-3k on the conference! We’re able to provide you with a three-day conference experience AND an immersive tour for $X!”

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