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Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Prep Academy. We are proud of our unique educational program for grades Pre-K through Twelfth.  At Cambridge, each student’s program is designed to develop essential skills and challenge his or her strengths.


Our program is alive with the intellectual energy and dedication of its members. Each year we seek to admit an outstanding group of applicants to join a remarkable, collegial community of students, faculty, and staff deeply committed to expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. The implementation of the program has allowed us to further personalize instruction and strategies so that our students can better understand themselves, verbalize their needs and become independent learners.


At Cambridge we are family. Our staff and students work hard to maintain a positive atmosphere where all students feel included and have a since of belonging. Unique to our school is our student-to-teacher ratio and our ability to differentiate according to each individual’s needs.  Our intimate classroom setting allows teachers to fully understand each child’s learning style – strengths and areas requiring additional support.  The partnership between school and home is vital to the success of our program and we rely on strong communication to accomplish this.


While our expanding web site will give you a general overview, I encourage you to come for a visit. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by emailing me at or calling 386-243-8285 ext. 100. 

Respectfully yours,

Jackie Britt

Owner and Administrator









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